What You Need to Know Concerning Iran Funding

Actually, from the time Iranian revolution started in the late seventies, the government of Iran has been linked with different terrorist groups as the main financier. These accusations have been supported largely by the international community. In fact, it is said to supply weapons, and equipment to various terrorist groups. Apart from this, it is accused to provide training to the members of these groups as well as giving them sanctuary.

Providing these tools and equipment to non-state militants is what has made different terrorist groups so strong and popular according to the international community. Some of the common groups that are funded by this government include Hamas based in Gaza, ISIS, PIJ, Hezbollah and PFLP-GC among others. According to the international community, these groups are treated as terrorist groups that need to be eliminated.

However, according to this country, these are national liberation movements that help the country to achieve various objectives. In fact, the main aim according to this country is to equip every citizen with self-defense skills in order to defend him or herself against Israeli military actions and occupations. However, these groups are not concerned with defending their citizens from these attacks but are mainly concerned with terrorist activities such as extrajudicial killings. Check out this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_6224461_scrapbook-newspaper-articles.html for more info about news.

Initially, the main aim of Iran funding these terrorist groups was to carry out assassinate Iranian dissidents all over the world. One of their main targets was the United States and Lebanon. In fact, different U.S marine barracks and military groups have faced different attacks from these groups. Make sure to click here to know more!

Some of the Iran-funded groups that have been responsible for these attacks include the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah. In fact, the attacks on U.S military groups have claimed not less than three hundred lives. These groups have also been attacking different dissidents in Europe. In fact, these attacks have been channeled to countries that were in the side of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.

In fact, Iran has remained the major financier to these groups an aspect that made the U.S. State Department term this country as the most active terrorist sponsor state. In the current days, the main target has changed. Apart from targeting the U.S and other Europeans dissidents, Iran-backed terrorist groups have shifted their interest to Israel.

In fact, this is the biggest target of these Iranian backed terrorist groups. There are different methods and strategies that this country uses to fund terrorists against Israel. On the other hand, different Iran backed terrorist groups have targeted U.S. embassies around the world. This makes it hard for America to impose a complete ban on Iran nuclear program among other priorities. Be sure to check it out!

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